Renewing and growing the Church

The greatest force of renewal within the Catholic Church today is its women. Women have traditionally been pillars of the faith, passing on the Tradition from generation to generation since Mary gave her Fiat. But today, after a period of great tribulation, a new light has come into the Church, ignited by women. Just as Christ appeared first to Mary Magdalene after His resurrection, this Light has shone again to women urging them to go out, to share, teach, take risks, and show that THE One Thing is Needed is and always will be Jesus Christ.

This site is a home, a hub, and a resource for and about those women who are on the crest of this great wave of renewal. There are hundreds of them – perhaps thousands. They are MOTHERS, artists, writers, lecturers, podcasters, businesswomen, teachers, religious, musicians, singers, therapists, bankers, and so many more. They are traditional, liberal, conservative, and combinations thereof. But they are all in love with their Catholic Faith and like Mary at Jesus’s feet, they have chosen the Better Part.