Proverbs Challenge 

So this past month or so has been trying. Not in a particular situation or moment but as an overall theme. The Lord has been tugging on my heart to seek him more, to stop searching for peace in this world and to find it in him. Ecclesiastes is filled with the words of Solomon’s quest to find fulfillment in his life and he decides in the end that all is vanity (spitting into the wind)… useless, worthless, and unfulfilling. Think about it… Solomon was probably the wealthiest, most powerful and influential person of his time (and maybe ever), and even though he could do anything, have anything or go anywhere he wanted with absolutely no reserve… he decided everything was futile!

After reading through Ecclesiastes one could be discouraged that life is pointless, but God’s word also tells us that Jesus came to give us life and an abundant one at that… so what does this mean?

The book of Proverbs is ironically also written by Solomon. This book has 31 chapters and is popular for being filled with wise counsel. About a week ago while doing some bible study the Lord spoke to me and told me to read through Proverbs during the month of May. No, he didn’t speak audibly, but gave me this idea and confirmed it through another Christian leader in my life.

On top of all this I feel led to blog each day about it. Maybe this is the Lord’s way of keeping me accountable to my commitment. I’m not perfect, so if you are reading this, please have grace if I miss a day (or two), but I hope that committing to blog about what I’m learning will help me stick to my readings.

So today, we start with chapter 1. It is an intro to the book and helps lay the tone that this book is all about learning wisdom, avoiding folly, and attaining discipline in our life.

Honestly, at this point I am eager to read forward and get to the point. It’s my nature to rush through and find the bottom line. But I will wait and just meditate on chapter 1 today.

I love verse 7: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge but fools despise wisdom and discipline.”

I think it speaks to me most because it confirms that I’m on the right track. Being a God fearing woman, it reassures me that I have begun down the right path for my knowledge quest.

The other thing it says to me (and confirms through the Holy Spirit’s leading me to read and blog about the book of Proverbs), that I need discipline in my life. I certainly don’t consider myself a fool or want to be known or seen as one… but the lord says fools despise discipline. And if I’m being honest here… I have despised it. I hate schedules, I am not consistent with hardly anything. I even have to focus to remember to be consistent on simple things… getting up early, going to bed on time are biggies… I could go on, but I’m not willing to embarrass myself today. Long story short, I need discipline in so many ways, but again, the Lord has been tugging on my heart to seek him more and be disciplined in my seeking.

Here’s my offering Lord… my time and attention are my most valuable possessions… and I give them to you today! Thank you Lord for being faithful to search my heart for the areas only you can make clean.

If you’ve been searching for some clarity in your life, why don’t you join me this month… you can comment below what the Lord is saying to you!

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