Proverbs 3

Hello again! If you’ve been following along we are in Proverbs 3 today and WOW is it jam packed!

First, I apologize for how late this is today. I have been trying to get up early and post before the kids get up, but it didn’t happen today because my little one was teething and woke up at the crack of dawn! Ha! The other delay is that I first started writing this from a very technical standpoint and kept getting stuck. So, I think the Holy Spirit is trying to tell me to start over and write from my heart! Here goes…

This chapter is so very important that he begins by addressing the reader with “My son.” Imagine you are out in a workshop with your father and he’s showing you all the tools and how they work, but then pauses and turns to you and says lovingly and solemnly, “My son (or daughter),” you would know that what he is about to say is something you’ll really want to remember!

“Do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart.”  This command isn’t casually saying, “Hey, don’t forget…” NO, it’s much more than that. He’s saying, remember them always! Really let that sink in… he wants us to remember what he teaches us and keep it in our heart. One commentary I read on this said it best:

“We must, (1.) Fix God’s law, and his commandments, as our rule, by which we will in every thing be ruled and to which we will yield obedience. (2.) We must acquaint ourselves with them; for we cannot be said to forget that which we never knew.”

Taken from Full excerpt here: Proverbs 3 Copyright © 2017, Bible Study Tools. All rights reserved.

So he is telling us to not forget, but not from the perspective that maybe we are forgetful, but that his teaching is so important that we must know it intimately. We must make it common in our hearts so as to be able to draw from this well of knowledge our strength. Beginning this passage with the command to not forget also helps set the tone for the important message that follows.

This chapter contains two of the most quoted verses in all of scripture. Verses 5-6 say “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and He will make your paths straight.” I won’t camp out on this verse today because I have an older post that has my thoughts on this topic.

Even though there are many nuggets of truth and wisdom in chapter 3, today I want to really look at verse 26. It is simple and in this context is joined with v25’s statement: “Have no fear of sudden disaster or of the ruin that overtakes the wicked;” v26 says: “For the Lord will be your confidence.”

Wow, isn’t that beautiful? The Lord is our confidence. Think about your confidence for a moment. Typically we think about our ability to stand in front of a crowded room and give a speech, or have the guts to tell someone that you feel deeply for them. But this isn’t the exact same kind of confidence Solomon is speaking of. He’s talking about a confidence in God. If you are a Christian, you probably know this feeling… that even though life isn’t perfect or always easy, that Christ made a way for us and in that we have hope that nothing can take away our relationship with Him. This confidence is the underlying theme of a Christian’s walk. We have faith that God is who He says he is and we follow him with confidence that He is the creator, He is the true God and He is our heavenly father.

Let me ask you, is the Lord your confidence? Do you trust Him and in His word?

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