Knowing God vs Knowing About God

I think the devil uses my Type A, technical personality to trip me up on this one. I am really black and white about things and prefer to have clear, concise steps, rules and regulations. I have often struggled with the different between knowing God and knowing about God because it can feel like knowing Him is an abstract reaching for the wind. 

I revere and respect God. I know about Him. I know that Jesus died for my sins and He is alive in Heaven today. That is clear in my mind. It’s cut and dry. I know I am obligated to fear and worship God not only because of ALL He has done for me, but even more so because of who He is. He is our creator, the absolute authority and power of all there has ever been and for all there will ever be! I have such respect for His authority and power that I know at a basic level I want to sincerely glorify Him and humbly thank Him as his creation.

Listen to how God is described in Jeremiah 31:35: “This is what the Lord says, he who appoints the sun to shine by day, decrees the moon and stars to shine by night, who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar – the Lord Almighty is his name.” Doesn’t that description give you goosebumps? It makes me feel so small (because I am) in the light of who He is! And it makes me feel so special and so incredibly loved that He desires a relationship with me! I’ve heard it said that even if I had been the only person on earth, Jesus would have still hung on the cross for me. He would have for you too (He did)!

But knowing God personally… sometimes that’s difficult to get my mind around. Can I be transparent for a moment… it’s incredibly hard for me! There I said it. Knowing God can feel hard. I’m not talking about knowing God as your Savior (even though that is the first step in the journey to knowing God – and if you don’t know him as Savior, stop here and read this). 

Today I’m talking about knowing him on a personal level. It’s more of a feeling than a fact. Knowing God should be like knowing your best friend. You know their quirks, their specific needs, their viewpoints on things. You know how they like their coffee… or if they’d prefer Diet Mt Dew instead. It’s not like we can sit across a table and ping pong “get-to-know-you” questions. “So God, what’s your favorite color?” HA HA! But seriously, am I the only one that feels this way? Does it ever feel like you’re talking to the wall?

BUT, let me share my personal experience with you about how I’m getting to know God. First of all, He knows me. He knows how crazy I am. He knows my needs and desires. He knows the number of hairs on my head!!! But you know what else… He knows my deepest hurts. He knows what I’ve been through. He knows my scars and my dark places.

And He loves me anyway! He’s with me. The Holy Spirit is in me! The Holy Spirit speaks to me. When I read the bible, listen to a song, spend time in prayer… sometimes a thought enters my mind and I know it can’t be of me. That thought was placed there by the Holy Spirit.

I was sitting at church about a year ago while a friend sang a beautiful worship song. I glanced over and saw her father swaying to the music, eyes glued on his little girl while her voice filled the sanctuary. He looked as if he wanted to jump up out of his chair and yell, “That’s my girl!” The pride he had in his eyes for his daughter melted my heart. And in that moment I felt the Lord say, “I’m your father, and I’m proud of you!”

Lord thank you for your love. Thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to dwell in our hearts. I am so grateful for Jesus and his sacrifice. Without Him Lord, I would be lost and going to hell. But more than that, I am eternally grateful for his sacrifice because without it I would forever be separated from you. The relationship you desire to have with me would not be possible without Jesus. Thank you for your desire to fellowship with us. We are not worthy but are humbly grateful for you and your love. Help us to have that same desire as we seek to know you! 

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