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Hi, I'm Maria. Let me share a little about myself. I'm a wife of 13 years, mother of two boys, entrepreneur and most importantly follower of Christ.

My blog is about my life, my work, the things I've learned and the things I'm still learning... all within the context of living a life for Christ. I don't claim to be perfect or have it all figured out. But I hope that through this blog I can share my experiences to connect and help others.

My interests are vast, so therefore my blog posts may range, however they'll always be centered around the idea that life is to be lived with Jesus at the helm.

What you will find on Onethingisneeded

Here, you will find:

-Tips on family, finance, organization and all things mom
-Encouragement in life
-Bible Study Tools
-Stories of how the Lord is still working on me and how I make it through this thing called life while focusing on Jesus.

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I'd love for you to stick around a while!

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